1 square end table/cabinet 1 round table and 2 hexagon table/cabinets that have doors to open up and there storage space. The square table is same with doors to open and store stuff. All are in decent shape and if your in need of furniture will do as is. They could also be sanded and stained. Cross posted located in Johnson City
Concrete and wood horse stable horses are engraved in the tabletop will last a lifetime pick up in Jonesborough Tennessee
In perfect condition, 2 side cabinet doors work, has punch-out section in back inside not punched out yet.
Does your child like to help "work" in the yard? I have a push pedal Caterpillar "backhoe and loader tractor" that would be perfect for your child. Comes complete with front loader and backhoe that can be raised and lowered, scooped and tipped using the levers. Oversized resin tires have a long-lasting rubber tread strip. Mechanical features include a strong 12mm thick rear axle, covered integr...